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The entropy liberation front

The history of the universe is a history of entropy liberation, the whole of creation aches with anticipation of the new.

Clocks - I'm building clocks out of javascript and SVG or javascript and the html5 canvas. In particular I'm working on clocks built from shift registers that are both quantum and classical. Norman Margolus explained these at a talk last week, and I've been way too distracted by the project ever since.

Ffidl - a Tcl/Tk extension that allows Tcl scripts to construct their own bindings to shared libraries, updated to version 0.6 thanks to Daniel A. Steffen.

Moons - A new implementation of my lunar calendar built with javascript and svg.

Puzzle Earth.The pieces keep changing.

A Hundred Words for Swindle. There's a reason why our American English is blessed with hundreds words for swindle. Perhaps not a "good" reason as in a morally acceptable reason, but a "good" reason as in it was not a random event that those words became part of our vocabulary.

Ringtones. The available ringtones for my Sony Ericsson T610 cell phone were pretty dreadful. Now I choose my ringtones from Art Tatum, Fats Waller, James P. Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, W. C. Handy, and others.

Doodle, the PalmOS paint application designed for freehand drawing, finally updated five and a half years after the last release.

Pnglets - Your JavaScript enabled browser can generate PNG graphics, but can it display them? Surprise, Netscape 7 renders pnglets.

Tk Kanji - a Tcl/Tk application for browsing dictionaries of Kanji, Chinese characters used to write Japanese. Internationalized Tcl/Tk is a philograph's dream.

Geometric Calculator - More JavaScript tricks, a desk calculator for all sorts of numbers: real, imaginary, pointy, flat, round and solid.

Ephemeris - Your JavaScript enabled browser can tell you where the sun, moon, and planets are in the sky.

Colorcube Slicing - Presenting the browser safe palette, 36 colors at a time, using no gif files. (Also using gif files, in case the other doesn't work.)

Pilot Stuff - A computer which fits in a pocket and remembers all those things that you always forget on your own. What a concept.
Featuring Doodle a compact PalmOS paint application.

Tcl/Tk Man Pages - UNIX man pages for John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk converted into HTML with extensive cross referencing. An extended discussion about the package is available. Many versions are available for browsing at Scriptics, no Ajuba, no Interwoven, ..., along with compressed tar archives which may be downloaded for local access. My copy of the Tcl script which originally created the pages is available for those who have to know. There is an updated copy included with most recent releases of Tcl/Tk.

Tcl/Tk Plugin - A collection of Tclets (mankala, screensaver animations) to entertain you.

Tcl/Tk Sources - A collection of Tcl/Tk programs (penrose tilings, mazes, mankala), and Tcl library procedures (time, color, random numbers).

Mankala in Java, or in Tk, or as a Tclet - The game of stones in pits programmed in three forms. Play with your friends, play against the computer, or just let the computer play against itself.

Random numbers - A collection of random number generators in various languages.