Et Cetera

Contributions with no particular classification of their own.

Author - The author explains himself.

Messy Networks - Musings on very messy neural networks.

Miscellaneous links - Links I couldn't find any place else to put.

Random numbers - A collection of random number generators in various languages.

Reading Ricoeur - A reading notebook that ran for a little while before petering out.

Subtile - A program for drawing aperiodic tilings by recursive sub-tilings.

A Hundred Words for Swindle - Suckers, the only infinitely renewable resource.

Tcl Expr Patch - Making the Tcl expr command slightly less not invented here to use.

Tcl Sources - A collection of Tcl/Tk programs (penrose tilings, mazes, mankala), and Tcl library procedures (time, color, random numbers).

Tcl/Tk Man Pages - UNIX man pages for John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk converted into HTML with extensive cross referencing. An extended discussion about the package is available. Many versions are available for browsing at Scriptics, no Ajuba, no Interwoven, ..., along with compressed tar archives which may be downloaded for local access. My copy of the Tcl script which originally created the pages is available for those who have to know. There is an updated copy included with most recent releases of Tcl/Tk.