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Geometric Calculator - Bugs
  • A limit to the number of digits in output, since we often get 12 digit approximations to single digit numbers from floating point arithmetic.
  • The change sign, +/-, key doesn't change the exponent sign after an exponent digit is entered.
  • According to Hestenes, the functions exp, cos, sin, cosh, and sinh are all well defined for all multivector arguments. I'm not sure how to compute them other than evaluating the series and crossing my fingers.
  • Also according to Hestenes, the log function is not defined for all multivectors, and is multivalued for some multivector arguments.
  • Rafal Ablamowicz' Maple package distinguishes grade-inversion, reversion, and conjugation, but it isn't clear that they differ in the algebras on 2 and 3 dimensional euclidean spaces.
  • A key to compute the square root would be useful, but on further thought I'm not sure what the square root of xy or xyz would be, not to mention how to resolve the solutions to the square root of -1.
  • No error messages are generated for division by zero.
  • A tutorial.
  • A three dimensional graphic display.

Roger E Critchlow Jr
Last modified: Fri May 16 19:38:58 MDT 2003