Quantum Classical Shift Registers

A shift register in three forms rendered in a canvas using an html5 browser.

Three shift registers are illustrated above. The outermost moves by discrete jumps, it is in one state for an entire second before jumping into the next state. The middle register moves continously from second to second, occupying fractional second states. The innermost shift register is a quantum shift register. It is a representation of the continuous motion by a combination of orthonormal basis functions located at the integer second points. The areas of the circles in the quantum shift register show the magnitude of the basis contribution, and the colors of the circles show the relative magnitude of the real (red) and imaginary (blue) basis contributions.

The Quantum Classical Shift Register is Copyright © 2009 by Roger E Critchlow Jr, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. All rights reserved. Permission granted for reproduction for personal or educational use.